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Preventing Theft to Reduce Premiums


Auto insurance premiums are based on numerous factors, including a car’s likelihood to be stolen.  Certain car makes and models are more attractive to thieves, and insurance companies charge higher rates for these vehicles due to the increased risk.  Regardless of the type of car you own, you can take common sense measure to decrease the odds of vehicle theft, and add security features that will not only deter thieves, but lower your auto insurance premium.

Use Common Sense

When it comes to stealing a vehicle, thieves look for easy opportunities.  Do what you can to make it more difficult or impractical for someone to steal your car.  At night, park in well-lit or secured areas.  Always roll up your windows, lock your doors and set your car alarm if you have one.  Never leave your car unattended while it is running.  Don’t leave a spare key under the bumper or anywhere on the vehicle where a thief may find it.  If you keep valuables in your car, put them in the trunk or under a seat where they are not in plain view of passers-by.

Thieves’ Favorite Vehicles

Thieves always prefer vehicles that are easy to steal.  In addition, vehicles that hold resale value are popular to thieves because money can be made by selling the parts.  The National Insurance Crime Bureau releases an annual report of the most stolen cars in the U.S.  Varying model year Honda Accords, Civics and Toyota Camrys are perennial favorites for thieves.  Pickup trucks, like the Ford F-150 are also growing in theft popularity, probably due to the increased popularity of trucks with consumers.

Theft Prevention Devices

Automobile theft deterrents can range from inexpensive hardware to complex electronic tracking systems.  Any addition to prevent theft will drop your insurance premium.  Some vehicles come standard with anti-theft devices.  If you are adding theft prevention devices to your car, keep in mind your car’s value and theft popularity to determine the right fit for your needs.  Options include:

  1. Anti-theft hardware, like steering wheel locks or brake pedal locks.  These are the least expensive option to add some security to your vehicle, and can be a good choice for an older or less expensive auto.  Experienced thieves can get past these devices if they want to, but these devices will slow them down. 
  2. Alarm system with siren and flashing lights.  These alarms engage when a car window is broken or door is opened.  The noise and lights will draw attention to the vehicle.
  3. Immobilizing devices, like ignition cutoffs or starter and fuel system disablers.  These will render a car inoperable without its key.
  4. Electronic tracking devices, such as On-Star or Lo-Jack.  These are expensive, but they not only deter theft, they will allow police to locate your vehicle if it is stolen. Many new cars come standard with these systems.  In addition to theft deterrence, the devices offer other safety and emergency features.







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