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Auto Insurance Discounts

After purchasing a car insurance policy, many people accept the rate for what it is and continue to pay the same amount year after year.  One think to keep in mind is that as your life changes, your policy premium may too.  It is usually a good idea to review your policy and insurance needs annually to make sure that you have the coverage you need at the best price for your budget. 

If you move to a new neighborhood, your insurance needs change with your address.  Depending on where you move, your commute time may be shorter, which can reduce your insurance costs based on the fact that you are driving less.  Moving to a new zip code can also reduce premiums because insurance rates are based on the auto theft rate and average income level of residents of that zip code.  If you move to a different state, the state laws on mandatory insurance levels may be different than your previous state.

Your policy will naturally change if you switch vehicles, but it can also be reduced when you pay off a vehicle that you have been financing.  Most finance companies require higher insurance coverage for financed vehicles, but once you own the car outright, you may decide that high coverage levels are not necessary.  Keep in mind also that if you own several vehicles discounts may be available for multiple policies. 

Safe Driving
Maintaining a safe driving record is a sure way to reap the maximum insurance discounts. Drivers with no history of accidents or traffic violations are a lower risk and thus get lower premiums.  Knowing this lack of risk, you may also benefit from raising your deductibles to realize a smaller monthly premium. 





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