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Car Insurance Goes Hi-Tech!


As most aspects of everyday life are touched by some form of digital technology, it is only fitting that auto insurers stay ahead of the curve.  Several insurers allow for online claims assistance and policy shopping.  Many are able to cut costs through the use of online-only features. 

Welcome to the Future

The future of convenient communication is mobile, and it makes perfect sense.  When drivers are in an minor accident, their phones can be used to contact their insurer and begin the claims process immediately.  Photos from the accident scene can be uploaded in real time, eliminating the need to wait for an adjuster. 
Many major insurers are already giving us a glimpse of the future of car insurance by introducing mobile web access and smart phone applications.  In addition to the apps created by certain insurance carriers, applications are available to allow smartphone users to shop around and compare auto insurance rates, making the industry all the more competitive.

Progressive's Innovations

In mid-April 2010, Progressive Insurance became the first auto insurance company to release an auto insurance application compatible with the Android smartphone.  While the company already featured an auto insurance app for the iPhone, the auto insurance app for Android will allow them provide mobile customer service to the other spectrum of smartphone users.  Progressive noticed a 30 percent increase in mobile Web visits by Android users over the past four months.  This trend pointed to the need to simplify the mobile web experience for these users through a specifically targeted app.

Android App Features
With Progressive's free Android app, mobile users will have a range of services and convenience at their fingertips.  The application supports quote requests, policy purchase and payment acceptance.  The most convenient feature may be the claims reporting and tracking feature, which can be completed and monitored through the application.  In addition, the app includes a variety of cost calculators and research tools. 


With the progression of smart phone use, auto insurance claims are easier to file than ever before. In the future smart phone usage may help reduce your auto insurance premium as it may reduce human workload. It is definitely a good idea to contact your insurance agent if you have more questions regarding smart phone usage for filing insurance claims and whether or not it can reduce your auto insurance premium.






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