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Car Theft


Car theft troubles mean quite a hassle.  The Insurance Information Institute reports that two cars are stolen every hour in the US.


Top Stolen Cars


According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the following are the top stolen cars in the US:

  • 1995 Honda Civic
  • 1991 Honda Accord
  • 1989 Toyota Camry
  • 1997 Ford F-150
  • 1994 Chevrolet C/K 1500



Why People Steal Cars


While this list of cars might surprise you, the reason makes sense once presented.  Older cars are stolen because of the market for auto parts.


How to Avoid Having Your Car Stolen


Besides driving a low-profile car (one that does not make the top stolen car list), here are other ways to avoid getting your car stolen:

  • Lock the doors.
  • Park the car in a well lit and easy to see space.
  • Keep the windows up.
  • Never leave the keys in the car.
  • Do not leave the car running and unattended.
  • Add aftermarket anti-theft devices.


Remember, none of the above methods is fail-proof and guaranteed to prevent your car from being stolen.  However, hopefully, they will make it harder for the thief to do than the car next to it, making it less likely that your car will be stolen.



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