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Cell Phone Texting Bans While Driving


Cell phone texting is at the center of controversy while legislature works on banning it and studies say banning it does not work. 


Why Ban Cell Phone Texting While Driving?


Research also shows that cell phones account for a sizeable amount of accidents due to distracted drivers.  Besides youth and drunk driving, distractions lead to many accidents where the driver is held responsible.


Where is Cell Phone Texting Banned while Driving?


Cell phone use has been banned in many countries unless the device is supported hand free.  Researchers worry that it is not the hand use but the cognitive energy required to use the phone that causes the increased risk of an accident.  To make sure that people texting on their cell phones don’t get through a loop hole because they are not actually talking on their phones, many countries are pushing legislature through banning cell phone texting.


Alternatives to Cell Phone Texting While Driving


Have a passenger text the message for you.  Pull over into a parking lot to text the message for you.  Wait until you reach your destination before you text your message.



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