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Go Green and Save on Auto Insurance

As economic and environmental climates urge the need for cleaner vehicle technologies, many car manufacturers are increasing research on electric and hybrid electric automobiles.  Theses new vehicles are impressive with some models reaching 70-100 miles per gallon while significantly reducing or eliminating emissions and exhaust.

Short Term vs. Long Term

While the benefits to the environment are intriguing, you might be intimidated by the higher price tag of environmentally friendly vehicles. However when you consider the long term gasoline purchase savings then these costs can be justified.  

Pressing On

Major manufacturers like General Motors, are continuing to develop new hybrid vehicles.  Chevrolet has recently developed the Volt, to be introduced later this year.  This hybrid vehicle veers from the norm by use of the internal combustion engine to power the battery pack instead of only the wheels.  Models like the Volt are a step in the direction of creating an energy-efficient vehicle priced for the masses. 

Go Green and Save on Auto Insurance

Due to the increased cost/complexity of hybrid and electric vehicles you might expect to pay a higher insurance premium for eco-friendly vehicles. But actually insurance companies tend to view buyers of hybrid and electric vehicles as more mature and responsible drivers. So insurance companies are actually offering discounts (some up to 10%) for keeping the environment in mind and buying hybrid or electric vehicle. With the US government already providing tax deductions and credits for going green, the added bonus of reducing your insurance premium is yet another reason to consider buying a hybrid or electric vehicle next time you visit your dealer. Go green and save on car insurance!




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