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Career Option: Insurance Agent


Today's insurance-minded society has opened a huge segment of the economy and lucrative career options in the insurance industry. Insurance agents are the face of insurance companies. These professionals work directly with policy holders to assist with insurance needs.

Insurance agents work with the insurance consumer in a variety of areas. Much of the job is focused on creating quotes for new policies and maintaining existing policies. Agents also handle insurance claims, as a liaison between their customer and the party that may be liable for damages.

Successful insurance agents love people. The job duties require a lot of personal communication and the ability to make people feel comfortable during difficult situations. A good customer rapport will also result in repeat business and referrals, which can boost an insurance agent's salary. Agents must be also familiar with the industry regulations and state insurance law to ensure that everything is done by the book. Insurance agents must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the state where they plan to work before they can apply for a license.

Insurance agents are encouraged to take a certification course to become familiar with state insurance law before taking the state licensing exam.  Continuing education post-license is also available through the employer or outside organizations. Public speaking classes may be a good idea for someone who could improve interpersonal communications skills. Outside or licensing and legalities, other education is conducted on-the-job, through company orientation and office-specific training.




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