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Insurance Tips for Young Drivers


Enjoy your youth!  This is easy to do unless you look at automobile insurance rates.  One thing you cannot change about yourself is your age.  There are ways that even a young person can reduce their insurance rate and still get the same great coverage. 


Choose the Right Car


Car insurance companies charge less if you drive the kind of cars they want to you to drive.  Some types of cars have higher risk, such as sports cars or sports utility vehicles.  Cars that are popular to steal also cost more to insure.


Take a Driver Education Course


Taking accredited driver education courses can also get you discounts on your auto insurance rates.  The National Safety Council has more information on local accredited safety courses you can take.


Make the Grade


For students in high school, community college, or a four-year college, the grades you make now can influence what rates you receive from the insurance company.  If you keep your grades up, many companies will offer you a discount for being a good student.



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