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MotorCycle Insurance


While you may not get to feel the wind in your hair anymore now that everybody has to or should wear helmets while motor biking around, you can at least rest easy that you are not being taken by your motorcycle insurance company.


How Motorcycle Insurance Differs from Normal Car Insurance


The concept of insurance is not any different.  It’s just that insurance companies distinguish between regular four wheeled vehicles and motorcycles.  So just because you have auto insurance does not mean you are covered when you ride your bike unless you also have motorcycle insurance.


Are Only Motorcycles Covered?


No, scooters, mopeds, trikes, and ATVs (all terrain vehicles) can all be covered with motorcycle insurance. 


How to Reduce Your Premium


Here are ways to reduce your motorcycle insurance premiums:

  • Keep your bike small.  The more powerful the bike, the higher the premium.
  • If you can keep the bike in a garage at night, the reduced risk of theft should also reduce your bike insurance premium.
  • Have a cheap ride.  Seriously, if you can find a used bike that is an affordable model to begin with, you should see a reduction in your premium.
  • Use a lojack on your bike.
  • Keep accident and traffic violation free for three years.
  • Shop around.  Some insurance companies are friendlier to motorcyclists.



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