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Traffic Violations and Your Insurance


Enough traffic violations and you lose your license.  Find out what can happen to your auto insurance in the meantime.


How much of an Impact does a Traffic Violation Make on Your Car Insurance?


If you have had any accidents on your record, you may need as little as two traffic violations to be dropped by your auto insurance company.


What Kind of Traffic Violations Impact Your Auto Insurance?


While running red lights, DUIs and speeding are to be expected, many other traffic violations also make the list attracting your auto insurance company.  These traffic violations include driving without a seatbelt or using your cell phone while driving.


How Long Do Traffic Violations Impact Your Insurance?


Traffic violations will usually make your insurance rate go up for three years.  After that period, as long as you do not have any more traffic violations, you should see a decrease in your car insurance rates. 


Take Driver Safety Classes to Remove Points from Your License


You might qualify to take a safety class in lieu of getting a traffic violation added to your driving record.  



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